Meet Our Donors

Rhonda Fleming

Donor Actress and philanthropist Rhonda Fleming has always been interested in supporting organizations that provide vulnerable women and children with the tools they need to live safe, productive, happy lives. She was introduced to The League for Children (a fundraising auxiliary of Children's Bureau) more than 15 years ago by cofounder, Lois Linkletter, and was honored by the League in 2010 for her generous contributions to the organization. Most recently, her friends in the League, Rosemary Booth and Gretchen Smith, brought her to Magnolia Place Family Center to see the families impacted by her support. Seeing mothers and children working and learning together and all of the community support that surrounded them, she says, was deeply inspiring. The visit moved Rhonda to continue her commitment to helping at-risk families and communities thrive by naming Children's Bureau as a beneficiary in her estate plans.

"I can think of no greater legacy than to leave resources that will aide our children, who are our future, with the vast programs and education they need to live with endless possibilities and potential. What could be better!" said Rhonda. Rhonda hopes that her gift will help Children's Bureau to continue advancing its programs and allow the organization to share what is learned at Magnolia Place with other fragile communities across the state and country. "I would highly encourage others to make an effort to visit Magnolia Place and learn more about the wonderful and much-needed work of Children's Bureau. You won't be disappointed. Each and every community can benefit from the support and future expansion of the programs implemented by this exemplary organization," said Rhonda.

Rhonda's commitment to Children's Bureau through her estate gift will help to ensure the future stability of Children's Bureau's important work to prevent child abuse and build caring communities. We applaud her life-long dedication and devotion to helping those less fortunate find success and happiness.

Ana Lourdes and Salvador Villar

Donor Ana Lourdes and Salvador Villar are an incredibly kind and generous couple who have supported Children's Bureau for many years both personally and through Banamex USA where Salvador is chairman. Salvador was first introduced to Children's Bureau in 1993 through his dear friend, Don Willfong, who hosted a lunch meeting with Judy Nelson (Children's Bureau's former executive director) and Bob Kirby. They explained the agency's mission and work at the time primarily providing group homes and foster care. Salvador became interested in the cause and was invited to join the board of directors soon after. Over the years, Salvador has served as treasurer for both the board of directors and board of trustees and is a trusted volunteer leader whose guidance and expertise is valued. Furthermore, Salvador has been our champion with Banamex USA to advocate for over $300,000 to Children's Bureau in support of a variety of areas including prevention programs, special events, advertising campaigns, marketing videos and the capital campaign.

"Ana and I support Children's Bureau because there is a great need in our community for vigorous efforts to prevent the neglect and abuse of children. Child abuse happens too frequently, especially among economically disadvantaged populations. Children's Bureau has become a leader in shifting the emphasis from treatment to prevention therefore impacting a larger community. The organization is extremely well run and it shows," said Salvador.

In April 2001, Salvador and Ana decided to include Children's Bureau in their estate plans thus becoming members of the Robert G. Kirby Society. They did so because they wanted to help struggling children and their families have a happy and successful life just like they have. They also have a deep understanding of the ongoing financial support that Children's Bureau will need to continue its ambitious mission.

"Planning a gift for Children's Bureau is an easy thing to do and we recommend it to anyone, regardless of the size of their estate. Children's Bureau is an exemplary organization to support and we are very proud of our participation. We have seen the organization evolve, grow and improve year after year, providing an invaluable service to the community. This is a first rate group that matches innovation with kindness and a singular human touch," said Salvador.

Salvador and Ana hope that their contribution through the Robert G. Kirby Society will help in making sure that crucial services continue to be delivered to those who need them after they are gone. We applaud their deep commitment to Children's Bureau and their gracious philanthropic spirit.

Ambassador and Mrs. James D. Hodgson

Donor When Ambassador and Mrs. James D. Hodgson (Jim and Maria) returned to Los Angeles from Washington, Maria's friend, Betty Williams, encouraged her to join the board of Children's Bureau. Maria had an interest in children's issues, education and poverty and was immediately drawn into the work of the agency. She served as chairman for both the board and foundation in the 1990's and on numerous committees. She continues to remain active as both a director and trustee.

When it came time to make a charitable provision in their estate plan, Maria knew that Children's Bureau was the right organization. She had seen first-hand the impact that the agency's programs had on helping parents and their children find hope and happiness. She was also impressed with Children's Bureau's visionary leader, Alex Morales, and knew that the agency was going to be around for many years to come. The Hodgson's gift annuity provided them with an immediate charitable tax deduction, continues to provide them with an income stream during their lifetimes and will ultimately provide a generous gift to Children's Bureau. Maria's volunteer commitment and dedication to Children's Bureau is an important part of our history and one that will live on through her and Jim's estate gift. Maria enjoys seeing the exciting changes that take place everyday at Children's Bureau. She only wishes that she could be around to see what happens in the next 100 years!

Ron Casriel

Donor Ron Casriel was one of those rare individuals that every nonprofit organization hopes to have on their board. He was a dedicated volunteer leader who deeply cared about the issues and solutions surrounding the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect.

While at Occidental Petroleum, Ron was introduced to Children's Bureau through the Vice Chairmen's Golf Event and President's Invitational Golf Tournament. He quickly became more involved with the agency and joined the board of directors and board of trustees in 1992. Since then, Ron has served as president and treasurer for both boards and on numerous committees. He is a generous contributor to various giving programs and special events and was the first person to make a contribution to the Stories of Promise capital campaign.

Ron made arrangements to support Children's Bureau through his estate. His decision to make such a gift came from his belief in our mission and our visionary work to stop the cycle of child abuse in our community and beyond. He saw our prevention programs in action and heard countless stories about families finding that hope and strength they needed to succeed. Ron's guidance, support and commitment to Children's Bureau have made a huge impact on the agency and its future stability. Children's Bureau misses our dear friend, Ron, but is a better place because of generosity and kindness.

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